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In my experience, most small and micro businesses are fully aware of how important their online presence and marketing is. The problem is, with few exceptions, they just don't have the marketing knowledge.

This leads to "me too" marketing. They do something because others do. And because everyone else is doing it, it's extremely crowded and competitive.

Most owners really, really want to push themselves online but suffer from hazy thinking ...their lack of expertise and ever spiralling choices creates a fog that prevents them seeing a clear road map of activities that will make a real difference to their business.  And ineffective "me too" continues.  

It's hard to conclude this point without appearing to be "selling" my services, but fact is that online marketing is a specialised business needing specialised knowledge.

It's the same as trying to do your own accounts - it's feasible, but a good accountant will actually save you money. And stress.

Can I do my own accounts?

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