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Massive cliche / analogy / mercenary point alert

If you want a house built, do you get the builder to design it?

Nope. You get an architect. Because they are different skill sets. The analogy is so obvious that I will spare you the insult of expanding the point.  

You want a website built, do you get the builder to design it? The answer can be hard to judge - it depends on their skill set.

Architects understand up to date best practice. Many of their skills are 'soft' skills I.e. How a building is used, what makes life easier for the occupants, what happens in 'real world usage', clever use of space and light.

So, does the website builder have sales and marketing 'soft' skills? Or are they just brilliant at coding and creativity (and there's nothing wrong with that).

In other words, will you end up with a website that your customers really appreciate, or a website that looks really good ( at least to you)? And no, the two are not mutually exclusive, providing the different skill sets have been well implemented.

Who builds your website?

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